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Benefits of WhatsApp
WhatsApp Marketing: Definition, Tips, and Examples

Why is WhatsApp marketing compelling? 

It is the most straightforward way of communicating with the customers, there are more than two billion active users, and brands open rates up to 98%.

Considering such stats, there is no reason why your business shouldn’t consider using WhatsApp for marketing. Using it takes you to a wider audience, better customer service and in the end, drives sales.

However, the question worth asking is how does it work?

There are many people who have no clue as to how to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool. This is because it is the most recent entrant in the arena of digital marketing and it is mainly regarded as a messenger application.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

In the broadest and vague sense, WhatsApp marketing is any marketing or promotional activity happening on WhatsApp. Marketers use WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp API for their marketing purposes. These are two different versions of WhatsApp which enable you to manage conversations. 

 Although you can send the marketing campaigns via conventional WhatsApp yet you are advised not to do so. You’ll probably find it difficult to send the message to larger audiences.

Why use WhatsApp for your Business?

As already said WhatsApp has more than 2 million active users around the globe meaning you get access to a huge audience. It is more popular than any other messaging app such as Facebook Messenger, We chat, Snapchat, and Telegram. 

If your target audience is Brazil or India, WhatsApp is really going to pay off because these countries have the largest number of active WhatsApp users in the world.

Apart from such a huge number of users, it has other benefits as well.

1. Relationships with customers

More than 55% of people feel more connected with a brand if the brand uses a messaging app. That makes WhatsApp marketing an excellent strategy to build long-term relationships with customers. 

WhatsApp offers businesses a healthy series of opportunities for customization. For example, you are able to send a customized welcome message, birthday congratulations, special offers, and so on. This approach makes your customer more engaged with your brand.

2. Better sales

You can call WhatsApp marketing a magic wand for your sales. Just adding a WhatsApp number on your website may get you 27% more sales generation.

Around 60% of consumers believe they’ll use messengers more to make buying for the future.

3. Lower cost

WhatsApp is an extremely affordable marketing medium marking it alluring for small businesses. All you need to do to start is install the app and connect it to the internet.

The probability of your message reaching your target audience is extremely high. Considering the average, a user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times a day. 

WhatsApp marketing results in more conversions, improve sales, and lets you build a relationship with your customers. In terms of costs, it costs you next to nothing.

4. More conversions

Selecting a perfect medium to initiate communication with your customers is extremely important. People may get irritated with phone calls while they’re unavailable through social media or email.

Here is where WhatsApp enters to incline your prospects for buying. Customers reply to approximately 40 % of WhatsApp messages.

Tips for WhatsApp marketing campaign

1. Ensure you respect user experience

You must have heard the well-known saying “With great power comes great responsibility.”

This is true for WhatsApp marketing as well. Though you would want to go on a full speed with the promotional content given the massive potential it has but you are recommended to be cautious. 

No doubt, WhatsApp provides a highly direct and customized marketing medium yet at the end of the day WhatsApp is a personal messaging app.

In other words, your marketing content shouldn’t be too frequent or overly promotional. This won’t let you build long-term relationships with your customers.

2. Follow the template guidelines

In order to make sure that your WhatsApp marketing campaign is sent and delivered properly, you need to follow the template guidelines provided by Meta. These include certain parameters you should obey for formatting, how you can link to the website, language, and showing featured products.

The guidelines are meant to safeguard the user experience. As it is a messaging app, marketers shouldn’t forget this fact when they use it for their marketing activities.

3. Provide value and convenience

Rather than sending all the contacts one campaign after the other, your aim has to be to provide them value and convenience through your WhatsApp marketing.

No matter how amazing WhatsApp marketing is, it is not meant to take place of the other digital marketing mediums. It should complement the marketing mediums you already use. 

The best benefit of marketing campaigns on WhatsApp is its convenience and accessibility for the users. This means it’s best suited for delivery updates, order confirmations, billing notifications, and event reminders.

4. Specific content for WhatsApp

Learning WhatsApp marketing is not rocket science. In fact, you can follow the best practices of Email marketing can be applied to WhatsApp marketing as well. 

However, treat WhatsApp as an independent medium of marketing. So, it should have different content from other marketing mediums. Don’t just copy-paste your content.

Best Bulk WhatsApp Message Sender Software Companies 

  • Whatss 

    More than 25,000 people worldwide utilize the WhatsApp marketing tool Whatss. One of the best marketing tools for mid-sized and small enterprises to boost user engagement and boost sales is bulk WhatsApp software, which has a new Anti-blocking technology that was developed.

    This free software that sends large numbers of WhatsApp messages is incredibly well-liked worldwide. Ueser can send button and links with whatss software. For small and midsize enterprises wanting to boost sales and boost user involvement, its anti-blocking technology is useful. The software offers automated customization in addition to multiple language support

    Other prominent features include 24×7 customer support, fraud detection and Customisable sender ID.

    Initial Cost: Only $3/ Per month

  • Wappblaster

    One of the greatest cloud-based bulk WhatsApp sender apps is Wappblaster, which enables you to send invoices, OTP, and other bulk messages via API., users can send interactive buttons and links. Obtain additional information about Wappblaster Cloud Sender.

    Initial Cost: $20/ Per Month

  • Factoreal

    Factoreal is a fully functional marketing automation tool created for SMEs, startups, and large businesses. Web app and Android end-to-end solutions are offered by Factoreal.

    Initial Cost: $25/per month

  • Rapbooster

    Rapboosterer is a mobile messaging solution for WhatsApp bulk sending that has over 800 million users globally. Rapbooster will offer your mass WhatsApp service, which is a great way to attract clients because you can use it to communicate both text and audio and video. 

    Initial Cost: $18/per month

WhatsApp marketing examples

1. Netflix

Netflix is a streaming giant that very well knows how to keep its users engaged with the service. It gives personal recommendations to its users in its mobile app. In 2017, the streaming platform started using WhatsApp for this. 

Netflix launched its WhatsApp marketing campaign in the month of January 2017 in India. Those users who had Netflix, as well as WhatsApp on their smartphones, started receiving offers on their WhatsApp. If the user clicked “I’m in”, they would start getting messages about their Netflix account, and movie and TV program recommendations. Six months later, the company started offering the same service to its UK users also.

The trick was to be in touch with the subscribers even when they haven’t renewed their subscriptions. The announcement of the new shows and reminders stimulated the urge to resubscribe in turn increasing the sales.

2. Adidas

Adidas is a sportswear brand that used WhatsApp for the promotion of its shoes. The brand narrowed its audience to amateur footballers – helping them solve their specific concerns.

Football players usually find difficulty with stuff. Some players may drop out at the end moment and there may be no substitutes. Adidas tried to find a substitute with the help of WhatsApp. You just need to send a message to the WhatsApp hotline with important details about the match. Adidas will send excellent players for your match.

Though the campaign lasted for a short duration yet it delivered impressive results. 

WhatsApp is an amazing chance to reinforce your brand and develop our long-term bond with your customers.

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