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What We Offer ?​

Our team of blockchain experts to ensure that you are provided with the best custom solutions by integrating the blockchain into your already existing platform or creating a new one with our help. We render our enterprise blockchain services to various industries, including Healthcare, Real Estate, e-Commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain, Telematics, Banking among many others. Our team work round the clock to provide you with the best technological solutions regarding, while you can sit back and relax without worry as you have made the right choice by choosing us.

Blockchain Development

We provide a variety of services to assist you with your digital transformation, whether it's building a blockchain network from the ground up for your company or integrating your services into a shared network.

Cryptocurrency Development

Use our cryptocurrency development services to produce a flexible crypto coin or utility token for your company based on current token standards and high-performance blockchain networks.


Create a highly scalable and user-friendly NFT Marketplace that allows your clients to bring their unique ideas to life in the digital world and turn them into NFTs that generate huge revenues.


Create a personalized, user-friendly, and integration-ready multi-crypto wallet that is interoperable with common crypto assets and allows consumers to transact safely and quickly anywhere in the world.


Blockchain Services We are Expert In

Blockchain is transforming how people live and work around the world, but it is merely a means to a goal, not the end itself. We can assist you in putting this technology to work for you in the future.

We begin by gaining a thorough grasp of your goals, followed by a practical implementation of blockchain technology. As additional opportunities emerge along the road, the discourse expands.

We integrate alliances, partnerships, and leaders from every element of the blockchain ecosystem as the premier independent technological organization. What is the goal? To match the proper set of skills to your specific infrastructure, issues, and strategic goals.

Our professionals demonstrate their skills in designing and integrating digital, interoperable, and immutable ledgers to safeguard data and improve operational efficiency, whether it's NFT markets or blockchain enterprises from the ground up.

Our blockchain consulting services help you do this by designing a scalable, enterprise-grade distributed system for business needs, based on a tried-and-true network architecture framework that increases operational agility while also generating new revenue streams.

Industries we serve

Our Advanced Blockchain Solutions

Being one of the best enterprise blockchain technology, we provide a wide range of solutions for any industry.

Fintech & e-Commerce

Blockchain in Fintech & e-Commerce

With our services, you will be able to keep track of all your financial transactions in a single entity.

You can ensure the impeccable flow of products from the vendors to the customers without worrying about security.

Healthcare Industry
Healthcare & insurance

Blockchain in Healthcare & insurance

Using our blockchain technology, you can entrust the patients with their medical history records all stored in one place.

Using blockchain technology, you can ensure that the interests of the insurer and customer are safe and secure.

Supply Chain & Real Estate

Blockchain in Supply Chain & Real Estate

You can enhance the traditional process of supply chains by amalgamating our blockchain technology.

Using our blockchain technology, you can easily monitor fluctuations in one of the most volatile industries.

Digital Identity & Voting

Blockchain in Digital Identity & Voting

Using our blockchain technology, you can easily monitor fluctuations in one of the most volatile industries.

You can secure the intended populace's data and make sure that it is free from any breaches by decentralizing it.

Blockchain in Gaming & NFT

Blockchain in Gaming & NFT

Our blockchain technology can promote the availability of original gaming versions and keep cloning and scams at bay by decentralising the arena.

Our Values

Why should you work with us?

Our solutions are outstanding and assures fast & accurate results, potentially target your business needs.



Early Technology Adopters

We are the first customers to adopt a new product or technology ahead of the general public. It encourages word-of-mouth marketing for a new product or technology, which can improve our company's reputation and help us gain more customers.


Strict NDA

We develop application operations, design and manufacture your product entirely in-house, at Mohali R&D offices operated by SAIBHANG. The NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT agreed with clients would be strictly enforced as the IP Custodian, SAIBHANG and our staff. We pledge absolute flexibility with respect to NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT signed with our clients and associated know-how transfers.


Secure Storage

We store most of our customers' funds offline to protect them from theft or loss. We distribute your cryptocurrencies in safe deposit vaults and boxes worldwide and make sure that sensitive data on our cloud servers are disconnected entirely from the internet. Our website traffic runs entirely on encrypted SSL, and wallets (private keys) are stored using AES-256 encryption.


Protected by insurance

We have an insurance policy in place to protect your digital assets that are held across our storage systems against losses from theft and cybersecurity breaches. However, there is no protection for any losses resulting from unauthorized access to your accounts due to a loss or breach of your credentials. You are responsible for using a strong password and maintaining control of all login credentials.


Trade from anywhere around the world

We have a mobile application for Android and iOS users, bringing the trading game into their pockets. You can trade anywhere and anytime through our mobile application. You can also check market charts and the current pricing of coins through the mobile application. The UI of our mobile application is user friendly and designed so that you don't spend hours understanding the app.

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