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Web Hosting

Web Hosting usually refers to an online service allowing you to broadcast your website files on the internet. It means that anyone who has the internet can access your files. While you can host an actual server all by yourself at home, depending on a web hosting server is more beneficial. There are different types of web hosting provided by the hosting servers, and each of them varies in price. You will have all the reliability, flexibility, and speed to go online with your website with us. In addition, you can enjoy the best web hosting benefits. With our smart-design website builder, you will get a stunning professional website with ease. Moreover, you can invest in web hosting plans that suit your budget.

What we offer ?

Web Hosting Plans and Services We Offer

We have different options to host your website according to your needs. We have got you and your website covered with the following hosting options:

You can develop and grow the best WordPress website using our web hosting services. We provide you with an all-in-one dashboard and marketing centre to cater to all your requirements. Our WordPress package includes email marketing, social media tools and SEO. We also optimize your website to perform at blazing speed.

We can help you build, host, promote, and sell from a secured online store backed by powerful tools like WooCommerce. With our help, you can design a fully customizable online store with Free SSL and domain name. We offer a secure payment gateway for your eCommerce store.

With VPS hosting, you can enjoy increased power, control and flexibility for your website. We build the virtual private servers for you from scratch using all SSD storage. You can gain more control over your server with our VPS hosting.

You can provide your high-value website with more security and power by using our dedicated hosting services. We provide you full root access to your website servers through SSD dedicated hosting.


Features of our Hosting Plans

You get a variety of services with our hosting plans, which are as follows.

Domain Manager

Domain Manager

We provide a domain manager specifically for your servers who effortlessly tracks, transfers, updates, administer and purchase all of your domains in a single place. If you choose one of our pro plans, we also provide unlimited add-ons and subdomains, parked domains, domestic and international domains.

Resource Protections
Resource Protection

Resource Protection

We help you identify websites that are using excessive resources with the help of our advanced technology and re-assign them temporarily to an isolated system. It helps boost the performance of your website and reduces the risks associated with shared servers.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

Our SSL certificates are powered by Let's Encrypt, which helps secure the connection between your website and visitors. It safeguards sensitive data like personal information and e-commerce transactions, among others.

Easy Website Builder
Website Builder

Easy Website Builder

We have a smart-design editor that simplifies the website building process for beginners and pros. It provides you with intelligent templates, custom CSS, mobile editing, stock image library and many more options to help you create a unique website.



This option allows you to upgrade using our advanced custom technology with just a couple of clicks. So you can start with our basic plans, which cover everything you need to get started, and once your website starts growing, you can upgrade to more powerful options.

Our Value

Why should you work with us?

if you are looking for a host to get started with your website, we are here for you. With us, you can start the journey of your new website without any worries. We provide you with WordPress hosting, eCommerce hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting. We also have different plans to suit your needs, so choose them accordingly. Let us make the process of building a website more accessible and more fun for you.


Easy to set us

Setting up your website with us is super easy and is just a matter of a couple of clicks. We provide you with everything to make the process of setting up simple and hassle-free.


Fast Websites

The website's speed has the power to make or break it. We make sure that your website is lighting fast so that your visitors keep coming back for more.


WordPress Made Easy

You can start your website by installing WordPress automatically with just a single click.


24*7 Customer Assistance

We have a team of experts who work round the clock to solve any technical and non-technical issues you may face while running your website.


Different plans for different projects

Building a website requires different technologies. We have different plans for you which you can choose according to your requirements.

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