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Many people would like to use the Whatss Software to send WhatsApp bulk messages using various accounts or phones. Look up Pricing Plans for WhatsApp Marketing Software.

Therefore, the following are the ways to save a WhatsApp account on Whatss Software:

Step 1:

Enter your login information after launching Whatss.exe and purchasing the plan.

Step 2:

After logging in click on Accounts>>Manage Accounts.

 Step 3:

After logging in click on Accounts>>Manage Accounts.


  • Then first Name of the account should be entered here. Please be aware that your account name should only contain letters and digits. Do not use spaces or special characters. 
  • After entering your name, click OK.

Step 4:

  • When you choose OK, Whatss Software will direct you to this window, where Chrome will launch on its own.
    the phone number you wish to use to send messages, then search the WhatsApp website with that number.
  • When you click on OK, the software will guide you to this window where chrome will run automatically.

Step 5:

  • When the scan is finished, Chrome will immediately shut and you’ll be sent back to Whatss Software.
  • The phrase “Account has been added successfully” is shown here.
    Click on OK.


Step 6:

  • In Accounts>>Manage Accounts, the accounts you have added will be shown.
  • The program allows you to add several WhatsApp accounts. However, only one account is allowed to send messages.
  • To add an additional account, select Add from the Accounts>>Manage Accounts menu.
  • While sending the message, select the account you wish to use to send it from.
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