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Saibhang eLearning Software Development Services

The thing of eLearning development is creating tools like LMS, LCMS, and LXP to help orgs increase learning effectiveness and cut literacy costs.
Saibhang has been erecting eLearning results that drive digital metamorphosis of commercial literacy performing in mortal capital ROI growth.

Types of eLearning Results We Develop
• Learning management systemse
• Learning portals
• Learning experience platforms
• Remote proctoring software
• Learning content management systems
• Mobile learning solutions
• Knowledge management solutions

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    Key Features of eLearning Software

    Learning Content Development And Management

    • Multiple content types (e.g., textbook, images, videotape, audio, AR/ VR). • Erected-in content authoring (e.g., eLearning course development). • Learner-generated, third- party, and commercial content aggregation. • Applicable content and templates. • Content trailing and intelligent hunt. • Support of specialized norms like SCORM, AICC, xAPI and LTI. • Compliance with commercial and assiduity-specific regulations like HIPAA, SOX, GLBA.

    Literacy Process Administration And Delivery

    • Support of colorful types of literacy (educator- led online literacy, amalgamated literacy, microlearning, tone- paced literacy, and further). • Automated registration to courses grounded on job places, needed chops, learning history, etc. • Learning event scheduling (e.g., trainings, shops, examinations) .• Automated monuments and announcements (e.g., new courses, deadlines). • AI- driven individualized literacy paths and happy recommendations. • Performance assessment. • Online proctoring (e.g., tests, examinations). • VR and AR simulators.

    Social Features

    • Learners’ profile runners. • Learning communities. • Discussion boards, exchanges and forums for learners. • Relations with content via likes, shares, commentary. • Gamification ( scores, colophons, leader boards, situations, prices).

    Analytics And Reporting

    • Literacy history. • Learner’s feedback gathering. • Content operation, stoner exertion, and performance assessment dashboards. • Stoner nonsupervisory compliance reporting.


    • ERP.
    • CRM.
    • HR software.
    • Content operation systems.
    • Knowledge operation systems.
    • Task operation software.
    • Videotape conferencing software.
    • Social media.

    What we offer ?

    Benefits of eLearning Development by Saibhang

    Of a feasible MVP (within 3-5 months) due to nimble iterative development and applying CI/ CD practices

    Due to applying proven third- party factors and public APIs, using pall-native armature and nonstop perpetration costs optimization by Saibhang’s PMs.

    Due to regular law reviews, integrated APM ( operation performance operation), and unit testing.

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