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Fleet Management

Saibhang Fleet Management Software Development

Fleet management software provides visibility into vehicles’ position, condition, and energy consumption and gives perceptivity into motorists’ gets.

saibhang delivers devoted operations to optimize vehicle conservation, reduce functional costs, and ameliorate motorist safety.

• Worried compliance of line operations with civil and assiduity-specific line operation regulations. • Need for advanced functional effectiveness due to shifting energy prices and low periphery. • Difficulty in planning vehicle purchasing and low visibility over line operations and conservation charges. . • Fiscal losses due to frequent accidents and incapability to guarantee motorist safety.

• Charges on your ready- made product grow together with your client base. • Unmet client requirements due to a problematic perpetration of custom functionality in a ready- made product. • Low stoner satisfaction due to a complex interface and issues at the law position.

Fleet Management Solutions We Deliver

We pack your fleet management with a range of functional modules combined according to your requirements, including

Fleet Maintenance

• Precautionary line conservation.
• Conservation scheduling and waking.
• Out-of- order cautions.
• Conservation completion reports.
• Vehicles’ corridor force operation (e.g., purchase order creation, shadowing).
• Form orders tracking.
• Vehicle bond and insurance information operation.

Fleet Tracking

• Real- time shadowing of vehicles.
• Fleet vacuity dashboards.
• Motorists’ geste monitoring (e.g., driving speed, gratuitous stops).
• Energy consumption shadowing.

Dispatch Management

• Route computation and optimization.
• Delivery scheduling and task list generation (for motorists and workers).
• Automated vehicle assignment.
• Vehicle service history shadowing.
• Real- time trip monitoring.
• Accessible communication between call center reps and motorists.
• Dispatch document operation (e.g., checks, dispatch details reports).

Accident Discovery And Claim Management

• Automated discovery of a vehicle collision.
• Automatic accident announcements to line directors.
• Accident details reports.
• Towing service operation.
• Form process operation.

Route Optimization And Geofencing

• Optimal route planning and dynamic route adaptation (in case of accidents, roadblocks, etc.).
• Route schedules optimization (e.g., grounded on distance, precedence’s, and deadlines).
• Announcements

Budgeting And Expenditure Management

• Energy operation optimization.
• Vehicle conservation and charges budgeting.
• Vehicle insurance and bond expiration announcements.

Programs And Compliance Monitoring

• Automated shadowing of vehicles’ operating parameters (e.g., energy consumption, vehicle speed) to insure compliance with line operation regulations (e.g., Department of Transport).
• Remote monitoring of tachograph data compliance with applicable regulations (e.g., recorded ages of driving and rest, travelled distance, timely tachograph data download).
• Vehicle bond expiration dates and insurance information shadowing.

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