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Patient Data Security is a Team Efforts

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the medical network, healthcare cyber security has altered considerably in the previous ten years. The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a part of the high-tech medical world.

Medical gadgets are increasingly linked to the internet to assist doctors, nurses, and support staff in providing crucial care to patients. Traditional IT systems are not necessarily handled in the same way as new networked device types. They are frequently left open to assault because they are not patched.

Unprotected gadgets have been known to bring down hospitals and medical offices of all sizes. This could have a negative influence on vital patient care. Our healthcare cybersecurity consultants help with medical equipment strategy and delivery.

digital marketing in Healthcare
The following are some of the areas where we can help healthcare providers:

1. Penetration Testing for Medical Devices
2. Medical Equipment Network Segmentation
3. Inventory of Devices and Risk Assessment
4. Vulnerability Detection and Response continuously
5. Monitoring and Response to Incidents continuously
6. Risk Assessments for Medical Devices
7. Risk Assessment and Management of Vendors
8. Inventory of Data

digital marketing in Healthcare
Some of the areas where we help health insurance companies include:

1. Risk Assessment and Data Inventory
2. Services for HIPAA Penetration Testing
3. Risk Assessment and Management of Vendors
4. Certification by HITRUST
5. Monitoring and Response to Incidents continuously

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