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Supply Chain Management

Digital Supply Chain Management Consulting

Supply chain management consultancy (SCM) include a thorough examination of supply chain operations as well as the development of software to ensure their resiliency.

We provide firms with supply chain visibility, analytics-driven planning, optimization, and risk management by using SCM systems.

Saibhang Consulting’s Digital SCM Benefits

• Increased accuracy of demand forecasting
• Improved visibility into an extended supply chain and efficiency of risk
management activities
• Enhanced reliability of inventory planning and reduced inventory carrying costs
• Higher resource utilization (labor, transportation, etc.)
• Streamlined fulfillment of sales orders
• Improved collaboration with suppliers

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    Planning And Optimization Of The Supply Chain

    We offer consultancy services for the implementation of one or more integrated Supply Chain Management solutions:

    Supply Chain Planning And Optimization

    • Forecasting demand.

    • AI-assisted supply chain optimization advice (e.g., how much and when to order).

    • Supply chain digital twin — a real-time supply chain model that may be used to analyse the impact of various supply chain action plans (e.g., safety stock planning, transportation optimization) before deciding on the optimal one.

    Improved and more cost-effective client demand fulfilment, higher resource utilisation, and synchronisation across diverse supply chain components are all examples.

    Risk Management In The Supply Chain

    • A supply chain control tower that provides real-time, AI-assisted insight over all supply chain activities, including supplier and external carrier operations.

    • Dashboards that may be customised to provide a single picture of supply chain activities and relevant KPIs (fill rate, order cycle time, etc.).

    • Collaborative problem resolution with suppliers through a shared forum for issue conversations, monitoring, and alerts, among other things.

    Value: End-to-end supply chain visibility, proactive risk management, and increased supplier collaboration are all advantages.

    Management Of Inventory And Warehouses

    • Tracking inventory levels and locations (with barcode or RFID technology).

    • Calculation of the best safety stock.

    • Requisition triggers that are automated.

    • Tracking of lots and serial numbers.

    • Monitoring of expiration dates and shelf life.

    Value: lower inventory carrying costs, faster and more accurate order fulfilment, lower labour expenses, and less inventory loss and shortages.

    Logistics Management

    • Freight shadowing.

    • Planning and optimization of route schedules.

    • Vehicle accident case operation ( accident announcements and reports, form request issuing and routing, etc.).

    • IoT connectivity to cover product condition during transportation.

    Value: bettered vehicle application, dropped logistics operating costs, on- time delivery.

    Procurement Operation

    • Quick template- grounded creation of purchase importunities, RFxs, and purchase orders.

    • Automated blessing workflow for purchase importunities and purchase orders.

    • Analytics- grounded recommendations on supplier assignment to buy orders.

    • Creation and management of favoured supplier lists.

    • Automated three- way matching ( purchase orders, order bills, and supplier checks are cross-compared to reveal inconsistencies if any).

    • Purchase order prosecution shadowing (for several categories if needed).

    • Collaboration tools to bandy orders with suppliers.

    Value: formalized and streamlined purchasing, bettered spend visibility.

    Supplier Relationship Management

    • Analytics- grounded supplier pre-qualification ( fiscal viability, specialized capabilities, ethical business processes, etc.).

    • Quick template- grounded creation of sourcing events (e-tendresse-auctions).

    • Collaboration with internal brigades on supplier selection and nomination.

    • Supplier performance analytics and ongoing compliance checks.

    • Supplier gate for bettered capacity planning (via collaboration with suppliers),etc.

    • Automatic cautions for suppliers to modernize expiring data ( commissions, instruments).

    Value: reduced force chain compliance and nonsupervisory pitfalls, bettered supplier engagement, optimized sourcing strategy.

    Order Management

    • Centralized multichannel deals order processing.

    • Automated order routing to an optimal fulfilment position.

    • Support of multiple order fulfilment styles and types (BOPIS, boat-from- store, same- day delivery, etc.).

    • Return management.

    Value: increased order fill rate, reduced order fulfilment costs, reduced shipping and expediting costs, increased client satisfaction rate.

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