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UI Design

Why UI Design Matters?

All sorts of websites, SaaS, and web/mobile apps require user experience and user interface design. We offer intuitive, vivid, and impactful designs that power up organisations by combining the newest UI/UX trends with our customers' particular goals and demands.

What You Get When You Use Our User Interface Design?

We offer distinctive UI designs that help you gain a leg up on your competition by merging current design trends with your consumers' particular user experience demands. 

We develop user interfaces that satisfy all of your marketing and customer service objectives, including improved conversion rate, user engagement, and retention, thanks to in-depth research, numerous rounds of real user testing, and cooperation with stakeholders.

Before signing the contract, we show you the draughts and samples of your UI design project to make sure we're on the same page and share the same project vision.
UX Design

Why UX Design Matters?

The goal of user experience design is to create fluid interaction flows between humans and software. The holistic approach to UX design used by ScienceSoft assures improved user happiness, resulting in increased feature usage and dwell time for all types of online and mobile software.

What is Included in UX Services?

You will be able to learn the goals, requirements, and mental models of your users through competitor analysis, web analytics, user interviews, and first user testing.

Analyzed data is utilised to construct personas, which are fictitious portraits of your real users that serve as the foundation for scenarios, or patterns of user-software interaction.

Different scenarios are integrated to produce a complete user journey map that includes every potential point of interaction between users and your product.

Multiple wireframes are created from the user journey map. When they're all put together, you'll have a prototype that provides you a clear idea of what a future web or mobile app will look like without requiring you to invest in front-end code development.

Prior to front-end development, rigorous usability testing of the final prototype to assure the UX design quality and avoid the possibility of severe UX faults.

Web design services comprise the processes of interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design of any web-based solution. In each of its web design projects, Saibhang shrewdly balances the technology, visual aesthetics and business objectives, bringing you fast-loading, impactful and high-converting online experiences.

What You Get with Our UI Design

Saibhang knows that high-quality design is vital to the commercial success of any digital endeavour. That’s why we guarantee:

By combining current design trends together with your customers’ individual user experience needs, we create unique UI designs that assist you get a start over your competitors.

Thanks to the in-depth research, multiple rounds of real user testing, and collaboration with the stakeholders, we design user interfaces that meet all of your marketing and customer service objectives, including improvement of conversion rate, user engagement and retention.

To make sure we’re on an equivalent page and share the project vision, we show you the drafts and samples of your UI design project before signing the contract.

What You Get with Our UX Design

While creating personas, we confirm they reflect all behaviour patterns that are typical for your audience. That’s why our stoner scripts – with the personas at their core – cover 90-95 of all possible commerce situations. To make up for the remaining 10, we conduct fresh exploration during the stoner trip mapping stage.

We always start with a UX research (in case of software in development) or UX audit (in case of a developed software) to find out what benefits user experience design or redesign can offer to you. We also suggest iterative UX optimization that permits introducing UX improvements and analyzing their effect on the go.

Although UI design and UX design are different processes with different deliverables, they're closely interconnected and share the target of facilitating users’ interaction with software. By opting certain our UX and UI design services as a bundle, you get faster delivery thanks to already established collaboration.
UX Services

What UX Services Include

1. User Research and Analysis

Competitors’ analysis, web analytics, user interviews, and initial user testing will enable you to know the goals, needs and mental models of your users.

2. Persona and Scenario Creation

Analyzed data is employed to make personas – fictional profiles of your real users – which later become the idea for scenarios – user-software interaction patterns.

3. User Journey Mapping

Different scenarios are combined to make a comprehensive user journey map that covers all possible points of users’ interaction together with your software.

4. Wireframing and Prototyping

The user trip chart is converted into multiple wireframes. When they are assembled, you get a prototype that provides you a transparent vision of a future web or mobile app without forcing you to take a position in front-end code development.

5. Testing

Rigorous usability testing of the finished prototype to make sure the UX design quality and eliminate chances of critical UX errors before front-end development.

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