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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Today, no matter where we live, the incredible innovation of the internet has made it possible for us to connect with anyone in any place at any time. Although the world had gone digital a eons before, its dependence on technology has increased since the pandemic struck. Never have people more appreciated the internet and its myriad of benefits.

The lines between real and digital have blurred from attending classes online to resuming work from home to consulting with doctors and shopping for the essentials. So much so that people were bound to attend important life events like weddings, birthdays, engagements, showers and even funerals online.

Like everything else, marketing, which already has a strong online base, had to more effort to stay relevant in the cut-throat business industry. But, with customer priorities and lifestyle choices majorly altered by the pandemic, marketing has to resonate with their beliefs to form a lasting connection.

Here are a few digital marketing campaigns of 2021 that understood the assignment and delivered accordingly. Don’t forget to take notes!

Lego’s “Rebuild the World”

Lego has been an integral part of our childhoods, a company that released its first-ever marketing campaign in the last 30 years. The Danish toy company, which has made its mark in the toy industry, is all about growth and development and their ad mirrors that thought.

The Lego “Rebuild the World” is all about tackling the global challenges head-on. The multiple themes displayed on the backdrop of the ad signify everyone collectively rebuilding their perspectives and making themselves and the world better.

Keeping the originality of the brand intact through timeless visuals and songs, Lego has successfully spiked the interest of all generations of audiences. In addition, its assertive stance on social issues and world development, while entertaining people everywhere, has earned the Lego ad a massive 10 million online views.

Key Takeaway– To generate substantial growth in ethical consumerism and let consumers know that they matter by addressing and working on their concerns. In addition, add meaning and impact to the ads by incorporating the storytelling strategy.

Spotify- Everywhere

Spotify- EverywhereEverybody appreciates a good meme, and Spotify decided to make the most of people’s growing meme obsession by incorporating them in marketing campaigns.

Spotify’s “Everywhere Campaign” has been inspired and designed based on the popular ‘Me, Also Me’ meme. How the meme implies our different moods and inner personalities, Spotify’s Everywhere Campaign exhibits a variety of images.

The variation added in the images represents our different moods for each of which Spotify has a suitable playlist to tune into. Consisting of three promotional videos, the relatable humor of the campaign speaks to its audience and sets it apart.

Key Takeaway– Consumers opt for brands that mirror their ideas, understand their pain points and speak their language, so working on those areas would help. Integrating the daily activities of people’s lives into the campaign will add to its resonance and engagement.

Pepsi – Better with Pepsi

Collaborating with popular fast-food companies McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King, Pepsi launched the major ‘Better with Pepsi’ marketing campaign. Furthermore, as a part of the campaign, a virtual restaurant was inaugurated.

The restaurant allowed people to pair up their Pepsis with multiple food options presented by the collaborating fast-food companies. Their orders would then be delivered directly to their addresses, allowing them to enjoy their favorite food-beverage combos in the comfort of their homes.

The campaign planned to highlight how everyone’s favorite beverage, Pepsi goes best with burgers, hence collaborating with burger chains. With Pepsi’s iconic logos and mascots and the collaborating chains packing a tremendous marketing impact, any competitor is likely to feel threatened.

Key Takeaway– Never underestimate the competing brands and always work towards delivering the best to remain constantly on the top. Also, the more unique a campaign is, the more is the hype regarding it. Relevance and consistency keep a brand’s name and fame impacting the audience.


Digital marketing bye AirbnbThe accommodation industry has gotten a whole new transformation with the launch of Airbnb. Utilizing digital marketing for their promotion, Airbnb provides basic accommodation information and much more.

From aesthetic property images to booking and location details to tourist guides and customer reviews, all the assurance the customers require is presented. With an actively engaging Instagram account of 4.7 million followers and a Facebook following of 16 million followers, it is more than safe to say that Airbnb has made its mark in digital marketing.

Airbnb’s collaboration with prominent influencers and celebrities adds credibility and engagement to its marketing campaigns. For example, they hosted Lady Gaga during her Super Bowl performance in luxury Houston accommodations speaks volumes of their impactful marketing strategies.

Key Takeaway– With millions of digital following and extensive outreach, who is better than the influencers and celebrities to promote a brand? Collaborating with a few of them can make for successful digital marketing campaigns. Also, user-generated content that put the requirements and perspectives of the users first, can help maximize the impact of digital marketing campaigns.

Fit Bit Stories: “#My ReasonIs”

Like all shiny things aren’t gold, no matter how inviting your marketing campaign is, what ultimately matters is the user experience. Fitbit has understood that it takes more than some impressive marketing to convince people nowadays.

It has led them to launch the “MyReasonIs” Campaign to highlight the stories of users whose lives have changed for the better since using Fitbit. The campaign includes videos, blogs, and the recovery journeys of the users. It further includes wellness content and tips from healthcare experts.

Key Takeaway– Nothing adds more credibility to a brand than positive user experiences. Serving both ways inspires the brand to work for the better and increases the users’ trust and loyalty.

Though it is tough to keep up with changing customer expectations, it isn’t impossible. Therefore, some thoughtful yet catchy strategies that can make a bigger, positive impact on the world are key to successful digital marketing campaigns in 2022. Here’s hoping that the campaigns mentioned above serve as beneficial to brands needing some unique marketing campaign strategies.

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