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Look around yourself, you’ll see a competitive work environment everywhere and the potential benefit of digital marketing is no secret. Even then also, the logistics industry showed its reluctance to adopt digital marketing.

Tips to use digital marketing for a logistic company:

  • Digital Marketing Create an informative website
  • Follow SEO strategies
  • Use customer feedback to improve
  • Emphasize email marketing
  • Be active on social media platforms

Benefits of digital marketing for a logistic company

  • Focuses on the most relevant audiences
  • Delivers quantitative results
  • Improve conversion rate

How has digital marketing benefited Company A?



Company A is a global provider of supply chain consulting services and transportation management. It went to a digital marketing company with almost no digital presence and a broken brand identity. In a time where there is cutthroat competition everywhere – reputation, niche expertise, and reputation are considered supreme. So, Company A was required to reorganize its brand identity and envelope the web with an increased digital presence



The digital marketing company enhanced Company A’s presence by creating a balance between its former assets and modern elements. It updated its brand and launched it on a new, customized, and responsive website. It was supported using an integrated marketing program. The marketing company executed Google and LinkedIn ad campaigns, and SEO through guest commentaries, media outreach, blogs, video interviews, content marketing, email marketing, and webinars.



shopping-store-online-with-yellow-pin-map-big-city_64478-1374The updated brand and website made a compelling package and solidified Company A’s position as a market leader. Its digital presence gave it record lead generations. The paid search gave it an increase of 376.19% conversion in six months. LinkedIn campaigns resulted in a 214% rise in Sponsored sessions, the majority of them were new visitors. On an overall basis, there was a 60% increase in brand impressions in just six months. Within 5 years of using the services offered by the digital company, Company A’s business has doubled.        

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